Paranormal Research Association of Ireland

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PRAI Frequently Asked Questions

What training do your members receive, if any?

All members of the PRAI at all levels undergo a large amount of training in the science of paranormal research. This course has been refined and updated to meet the changing theories and research. The last major update to this training was October 2011. Periodic changes are made constantly in the form of addendum and memos. All PRAI members are trained in-house in the fields of interview techniques, audio video and audio analysis, use and implementation of scientific equipment. After these initial sessions, members are held as probationary for 6 months to hone their skills, and training is continuous for their lifetime as a member. If we stagnate, then we are no longer a research association.

Do you work with Psychics or Mediums?
The PRAI does not work with psychics or mediums. We have chosen to do move with the path of science. And as these groups are a paranormal phenomenon in themselves, their evidence cannot be verified.

What can I expect in an investigation?
Before an investigation is scheduled, you will be contacted by a member of the team. They will have a phone interview with you in an attempt to help you in the timeliest manner.
If, after the initial interview, an investigation is warranted, a team will be dispatched to your residence or business. They will conduct another interview with you and digitally record it so we can listen back to it again, to make sure we did not miss anything. After this, the investigation itself will be performed. You will be shown the equipment being used and we will explain what we use and why.
After the investigation, the data will be analysed and you will be given the results as soon as we have it.

How much does an investigation cost?
The investigations, and all related services are free of charge. You will never be billed for any of our services. Ever. We believe our services help people and we would never think of charging for that.

Does the PRAI have a list of established protocols?
Yes we do. They can be viewed here.

Is the service confidential?
Absolutely. The PRAI’s confidentiality policy is part of our protocols and is taken very seriously by all members. Your information will never be given or sold to any third parties under any circumstances.

Is my personal information secure?
Simply, yes. The PRAI take data security very seriously and holds their clients and staff’s information security of paramount importance. The data on a PCMS database is secured through a 1024 bit SSL encrypted connection. There is then a username and password challenge combination for access to the main database.

Data held on CD (Archive) or on Laptops are encrypted using three ciphers in a cascade operating in XTS mode. Each of the cascaded ciphers uses its own key. All encryption keys are mutually independent, and unable to be opened without a keyfile and strong password, which can only be retrieved from the lead investigator. The files are also encrypted using biometric (fingerprint identification) means, meaning if an archive was ever lost or stolen, your data is still encrypted in a means which exceeds government encryption standards