Paranormal Research Association of Ireland

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Equipment used by PRAI






Eyes and Ears

Paranormal researchers have more tools and equipment at their disposal than ever before but perhaps the most useful and important tools are our senses. Eyes, Ears and gut instinct are our primary instruments far more sensitive than the best microphone, higher resolution than the most elaborate camera. Of course like everything there are limits and deficiencies which is where our technology helps us but if you are serious about paranormal investigation these are your most important tools.

EMF Meters

Electro Magnetic Field Meters also called Gauss meters are designed to detect and display a reading of the EMF in the area. The standard normal reading is about 1.0 milligauss, however these meters are extremely sensitive to interference from electrical equipment and items such as cell phones so caution must be used when taking readings with an EMF meter. Some believe that a paranormal entity may affect the ambient EMF in an area either by causing a change in the reading as a manifestation is attempted or by emitting an EMF field of it’s own.

Our use of EMF meters are to detect fluctuations in the normal EMF field to attempt to theorize EMF being a reason for the perceived disturbances.

A full article on EMF can be read here


Hand Held Imaging Systems

In our investigations we capture many images using a variety of different cameras these include still images shot in both digital and 35 mm film cameras using standard, low light and infrared sensitive film. We have found that digital cameras are far more likely to pick up photographic anomalies and there is much debate as to whether these are side effects of the CCD technology or evidence that CCD technology is more sensitive to paranormal anomalies. We also shoot a lot of video in an attempt to capture a paranormal occurrence and also to document our work. We use digital and Hi8 Camcorders and also static night vision cameras connected to digital video recorders


Audio Recorders

Audio Recording is fairly standard kit for paranormal investigators as is the technique of attempting to capture E.V.P or Electronic Voice Phenomena. We use standard analogue Dictaphones and tapes in addition digital audio recorders which generate audio files which can be easily downloaded onto a computer and analyzed.

Night Vision

Night Vision

Traditionally, spirits are usually se en in the dark. Theories in this range in them being so faint we cannot see them in normal light, to them being on a different resonance field to what we can normally see.

To aid us see as much as we can in real time, we use night vision systems to view a dark area in near perfect light


Multi System Detectors

These detectors are used to locate high ranges of EMF, high A/C current and metal. We look for these readings as they could be increasing the output of EMF, and contributing to the phenomena.


Environmental Indicators

We employ a range of fairly standard handheld instruments to measure temperature, humidity, barometric pressure and air ion counts like EMF it is believed that these measurements can be affected by an entity drawing energy from the area in order to affect the physical environment or to otherwise manifest itself.

We measure the environmental changes in an attempt to theorize if a change in the pressures could have an effect on a person's reaction to the phenomena.

Why do we measure the enviroment? Read more here

Para-Cast Episode 1: Infrasound

Wireless Infra-Red Camera System

As we cannot be in every area at once, we deploy up to 4 static wireless cameras to areas with suspected activity.These wireless cameras send their image back for real-time monitoring and recording to the PRAB's Video Collection and Data Storage Center. Each are equipped with a parabolic microphone and can be quickly deployed to the areas with AC power or DC batteries to power them.

Video Collection and Data Storage Center

This is the central data collection and storage center for PRAB investigations. The VCSDC collects the data from all digital cameras, digital voice recorders, hand-held and wireless cameras that are active on the investigation site. It also records all four cameras in real-time and is also able to monitor the cameras. The cameras feed is time stamped for both efficent data analysis and to preserve the data's integrity.



UHF (Ultra High Frequency) Radios are used by each team member during the course of investigations to keep in contact with the control center, co-ordinate team movements, query sounds, during initial setup of equipment and many other times.

The frequencies used by these radios do not interfeer with our equipment, and they have a message start and message end beep so they are announced if they are picked up by our digital recorders.


The Mel Meter Model 8704 is an Intelligent microprocessor based instrument specifically designed for Paranormal Investigators. It measures EMF (down to 30hz and in uTelsa and mGauss) and temperature simultaneously.

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