Paranormal Research Association of Ireland

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David Wenger, Lead Investigator

David is one of our core members and our Lead Investigator; he has been with the team since October 2006. David has been interested in the paranormal since his experiences as a child. Coming from a retail and corporate security/loss prevention background he has experience with CCTV and also working experience in interpretation of verbal and non-verbal behavior. During his time with the group David has appeared on Syfy’s Ghost Hunters International and most recently the Bio Channel My Ghost Story.
“ I employ a logical approach to investigating using the equipment we have and a lot of common sense”

Status: Active Team Roster (Core Team) & Media Contact

Tony Beattie, Core Team Member

Deputy Lead Investigator

Tony is one of our core members and our Deputy Lead Investigator. Tony is also our Audio / Visual Analyst his debunking skills impressed us from the start and we have been very impressed with his methods and “outside the box” thinking. Tony has extensive knowledge of electronics and is well read in relation to the paranormal he has been interested in the paranormal for over 20 years. Tony brings a grounded logical side to our investigations giving us possible explanations for apparent paranormal activity. Tony has also appeared on Syfy’s My Ghost Story.
"I have been researching alleged paranormal events since the late 1980’s. It wasn’t until about 2007 that I actually went out to an investigation. Every civilisation on the planet has stories of Ghosts and spirits, I’m trying to find out what a ghost or a spirit actually is, so far however I have only found many things that aren’t!"

Status: Active Team Roster (Core Team) & Media Contact

Ryan O'Neill, Core Team Member

Technical Manager

Ryan joined PRAI in 2004 as an investigator after participating in an open investigation; he was later asked to join the core team and went on to serve as Deputy Lead Investigator for three years. Ryan resigned as Deputy at the end of 2007 to concentrate on technical and resource development. As well as prototyping and testing new hardware he is currently developing a software program called PCMS for paranormal investigators to manage and analyse cases and evidence. Coming from a scientific and technical background he has extensive experience with CCTV and electronic detection systems and is responsible for bringing technological innovation to the team. Ryan works as a technician in the electronic security industry and is a qualified first aider and rescue boat coxswain.

Status: On Leave (Core Team)

Traze Shallow , Core Team Member / Client Manager

Traze has been with the team for a couple of years and is one of our core members. Traze has taken on the role of our Case Manager which entails first contact with all our clients. Ever since childhood, Traze has been fascinated with the paranormal, which stems from personal experiences she had as a child. Traze also organises various charity events on behalf of the team and is very involved in her local community.

Status: Active Team Roster (Core Team)

Sarah O'Neill , Trainee Paranormal Investigator I / Public Relations

Sarah is the team’s Public Relation Officer and Investigator. Sarah has been a friend of the team for some years now and recently has joined the team as a Trainee-Investigator and most recently our PR Officer. Sarah has been interested in the paranormal for years. Sarah’s talent lies in promoting the team through a variety of media outlets as well as a level headed approach to investigations. .

Status: Active Team Roster (Trainee)

Catriona Flynn , Trainee Paranormal Investigator I

Catriona has been with group for a couple of years and attends investigations when time permits. Catriona attended a couple of our open investigations before deciding that she wanted to learn more about the paranormal and was taken on as a Tranee-Investigator. Cats has always been curious and and not afraid to ask questions which impressed us.

Status: Active Team Roster (Trainee)

Brenda O’Sullivan , Trainee Paranormal Investigator I

Brenda is one of newest members to the team. Brenda has always been interested in learning more about paranormal since hearing stories as a child. Brenda balances her personal beliefs with the team’s ethos giving her a unique perspective. Brenda is very family oriented and keen to continue to learn about the paranormal and we look for to working with her for years to come

Status: Active Team Roster (Trainee)

Ian Murphy , Founder / Managing Director / PRAB Head

Ian is the founder of PRAI. Having originally started investigating the paranormal on is own Ian began to look for a dedicated paranormal group to join with in Ireland and after finding no such group operating in the republic he decided to start his own, and PRAI was born. Since moving to the US in 2008, he has created the PRAB - Boston, the PRAC - Colorado and the PRA-NH - New Hampshire. He remains a member of our group in a consulting role and Managing Director for all divisions.

Status: Active Team Roster (Core)

Paul Fennel , Core Team Member

Paul has had a long time interest in the paranormal and has completed many investigations with PRAI, he is an invaluable team member with a level headed and scientific approach. Paul joined the group in 2004 as an associate member and was quickly promoted to the PRAI core team in 2005 as an investigator, having demonstrated a natural flair and ability for paranormal research. Paul is also the author of numerous paranormal books.

Status: Inactive Team Roster (Core Team)