Paranormal Research Association of Ireland

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The PRAI provides a number of unique services for everyone from residents to educational institutions.

Paranormal Investigations

Our primary goal is to help people who are experiencing paranormal problems in their homes.The associations team of investigators will come to your residence and perform a scientific investigation at a time and day of your choosing. We are here to help you. If you are experiencing problems and would like an investigation, please contact us here

Stigmatized Property

They are everywhere around the world. Houses which are known in the area to be the centers of paranormal activity. From scary stories heard around the neighborhood, to stories in the local newspaper, stigmatized properties are hard to sell or buy. If you are selling your home, or you are looking to buy a home with a past, the PRAB will perform an investigation on the property. If you wish to have the team to come and investigate, please contact us here.

*In some states Real Estate are required by law to disclose any information pertaining to paranormal events.

Public Investigations

Have you always wanted to take part in an investigation but never known how to? Do you have the drive the research the unknown, but you don't have a location or the expensive equipment? Do you want to learn more about paranormal science, and be able to put it to use? Then public investigations are for you. Join the PRAI on one of our exciting and education weekends where you can join in on a real investigation.

Presentations and Classes

The PRAB provides a number of talks and classes on paranormal science topics. Talks range from 2 hours to our full program called. If you would like to book us to speak at your conference, please contact us here.

Media Appearances

We always welcome media appearances. Not only does it provide your audience with an interesting topic, but it also gives us the ability to publicize the association and therefore be able to help more clients.

If you would like to book us for a media appearance, please contact us here

Corporate Events

Want something different for your next corporate event? How would your employees like to meet a Paranormal Research team and find out the reality behind reality TV shows?

If you would like to book us for a corporate appearance, please contact us here

On-Line Education

Can't make it to a class or just missed the presentation we gave? We have a selection of online educational videos on our YouTube page