Paranormal Research Association of Ireland

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Paranormal CMS or PCMS for short is a Client and Case manager for paranormal investigators which has been developed by the Paranormal Research Association of Ireland to allow central management of cases and client records in a multi user environment.

PCMS is custom built from the ground up for and by paranormal investigators

Key Features

  • Client Information Manager
  • Case Tracker
  • Document and Image Manager
  • Investigation Information and Data Collection
  • Fully Custom Charts and Reporting
  • Full Featured Access and Permissions System
  • Data export in a variety of formats eg: Excel
  • Team Directory

PCMS is written in PHP for installation on a webserver and uses a MySQL Database.


PCMS is available with two licenses Non Profit and Commercial

Non Profit Licenses are granted free of charge to verified non profit groups who do not charge for any service.

Commercial Licenses are available for a fee to groups who do charge for services but wish to make use of PCMS

Both versions are exactly the same in terms of features

A  Demo Version is available to allow evaluation of the program. the demo is fully featured but will store only a limited number of records, if you like the program and wish to remove the limits then a new licence file is all that is required to enable unlimted records.

PCMS was written by Ryan O'Neill, Technical Manager in the Paranormal Research Association of Ireland. The PRAB is the official Unites States distributor for PCMS. You will require a key for this system, so please email us for your licence

You can download the Program from here

Having trouble installing PCMS? view our video guide here